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everyone gets me and my sister mixed up when they don’t see us for ages


why did I think this was a good idea again


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it looks so fun


because obviously the taller one must be older


orodreth never quite got the hang of this whole edain/elves friendship thing


heyy look julia it’s your wife just chatting with some birds or something idk

Pretty close to my headcanon Elwing appearance and look, SEAGULL FRIEND too.


heyy look julia it’s your wife just chatting with some birds or something idk

Pretty close to my headcanon Elwing appearance and look, SEAGULL FRIEND too.

A.I. Melian from my Space AU fic.
Made with the Android Creator.

A.I. Melian from my Space AU fic.

Made with the Android Creator.

I really enjoy this elven mathematicians thing Lintamande and Kaz have going and a comment about niches and the difficulty of breaking into a field where all your predecessors are still alive reminded me of these two quotes from the same source.

This is a world where things move at their own pace, including a tiny lift Fortey and I shared with a scholarly looking elderly man with whom Fortey chatted genially and familiarly as we proceeded upwards at about the rate that sediments are laid down.

When the man departed, Fortey said to me: “That was a very nice chap named Norman who’s spent forty-two years studying one species of plant, St. John’s wort. He retired in 1989, but he still comes in every week.”

"How do you spend forty-two years on one species of plant?" I asked.

"It’s remarkable, isn’t it?" Fortey agreed. He thought for a moment. "He’s very thorough apparently."


Something that had been puzzling me was the question of how you assured a chain of succession in these arcane fields. Clearly there cannot be many institutions in the world that require or are prepared to support specialists in barnacles or Pacific snails. As we parted at the Natural History Museum in London, I asked Richard Fortey how science ensures that when one person goes there’s someone ready to take his place.

He chuckled rather heartily at my naïveté. “I’m afraid it’s not as if we have substitutes sitting on the bench somewhere waiting to be called in to play. When a specialist retires or, even more unfortunately, dies, that can bring a stop to things in that field, sometimes for a very long while.”

"And I suppose that’s why you value someone who spends forty-two years studying a single species of plant, even if it doesn’t produce anything terribly new?"

"Precisely," he said, "precisely." And he really seemed to mean it.

- A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson

Both of which would be pretty relevant issues in the natural sciences in Aman, I think. Okay, the second one would actually be inverted with the whole not-dying thing and the problem would actually be new people wanting to study something that already had a specialist. There’d be lots of ‘but they’ve been studying Taniquetil mountain lilies since before the Darkening, do you really think you can come up with something new’ and ‘trust me, they don’t take to competition well’. It would be a really, really tough environment for new people. (I imagine horror stories include how long they had to spend studying things like moss before their teacher allowed them to move onto something more exciting.) And if you don’t have a teacher, someone whose reputation was respected, to back you up? Forget being taken seriously.

Side-note: the Vanyar have pseudo-monasteries in the Pelori and the Noldor their universities in Tirion, but I have no idea what the Teleri’s centres of learning would be?

I wonder if there are any people living in Araman. Sure, before the sun it was a barren wasteland, but who knows what it might be like with the sun? Perhaps a group of Vanyar decided that without the Trees, they didn’t want to stay in Valinor proper. Or the Teleri fishermen who’d been fishing off the coast made a temporary harbour which slowly became permanent. Or both!

Araman: the only place where Vanyar and Teleri really mix!

Apr 3

I swear I remember reading somewhere that Ulmo briefly rolled back the waters to allow the Vanyar and Noldor to visit the Teleri on Tol Eressea but it’s not in the Silm and the wiki doesn’t mention it. Am I just imagining it?

Apr 3
Yavanna says: see you should have TOLD HER, Aulë, she’d have come up with something that wasn’t thinly disguised Valarin! ;)

Aulë’s reply: but I wanted to do it all on my own…

Side-note: it’s very interesting to me that he came up with a language for the dwarves at all? I mean, Iluvatar didn’t create one for elves or Men, they did it by themselves and I don’t think Yavanna had any influence on Entish. Unless of course, Iluvatar invented Valarin? I guess that’s a possibility and would make sense for Aulë to be using the Ainur’s creation as his template.

Apr 3

I was looking at the Ardalambion Khuzdul page when I noticed something interesting. The word ûl “streams” looks strangely similar to the Valarin word ulu, ullu “water” (which is the first element in Ulmo’s Valarin name). Ulmo never knew you cared, Aulë. Clearly even for Valar, the temptation to fall back on your own language when conlanging is hard to resist. xD

I really like those country photosets that were going around a while back so I decided to make a list of all the ones I could find. (Based heavily on beautiful-countries-of-the-world’s list and frauluther’s tag. None of them are made by me.)

The World


Middle-east capitals

Asia - South-east

Armenia - one, two

China - part one





Europe - countries (one, two), capitals (part one, part two)

Austria - one, two





Czech Republic



France - one, two

Germany - one, two


Hungary - one, two

Iceland - one, two

Ireland - one, two, three

Italy - one (part one, part two), two, three



Netherlands - one, two, three

Norway - one, two

Poland - one, two, three, four



Spain - one (part one, part two), two

Sweden - one, two, three


UK - England, Scotland (one, two, three), Wales (one, two)

North America

Canada - one, two



Latin America

South America

Argentina - one, two, three

Brazil - one, two, three

Chile - one, two







kazaera replied to your post: kazaera asked:Hmmm. Elwing/Eärend…

thanks! this was interesting. And also LOL re: heget rubbing off that’s been happening to me as well (and on the same topic, too! :D). Also, all the yeses re: reunions with Idril and Tuor and Elwing + Olwë! Elwing in Valinor is a FASCINATING thing.

Lol. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind it nearly as much as if it wasn’t everywhere. (I have a strange thing where the more attention fandom pays to something/the more popular a particular interpretation is, the less I’m interested in it.)

I’m still incredibly disappointed that Idril+Tuor and Earendil+Elwing reunion fic doesn’t exist. Fandom has failed me.

I know! Give me all the Elwing in Valinor fic. Elwing and the survivors of Sirion who still call her their lady and create a settlement around her tower. Elwing befriending all the birds. Elwing meeting her parents again (and taking Earendil to meet them). Elwing getting all the news from Numenor. (I’d sell my firstborn for Earendil and/or Elwing writing letters to Elros fic.) Elwing creating wings for herself. Elwing meeting Celebrian. Elwing turning up to meet Elrond’s ship with feathers in her hair and all over her clothes, and her seagull friend who wanted to see her chick. The possibilities are ENDLESS.

I feel the same? It’s like, as an oddball interpretation I can go with it, but as the most common one in fandom it’s been getting more and more grating so that I’ve gone from kind of liking it to it nearing backbutton territory. (I have less tolerance for fluff in my M+M+E+E fic now than I used to, too.)

I swear I once saw an Elwing+Celebrían fic which also had Celebrían+Finrod and Celebrían+Finarfin interaction, but it’s vanished from the internet. This makes me sad! It was an awesome fic.

And so many yeses to that list! There is so much potential for Elwing in Valinor - how out of place she must have felt, linguistic shenanigans involving the speaking of Quenya and how she still feels a little guilty about that, I have this odd headcanon where Nerdanel and Elwing become BEST INVENTOR BUDDIES who bond over flying machines… and omg Elwing and Dior+Nimloth aaaaaah why does this not exist. (Or Elwing + Thingol!)


Also, IDRIL AND ELWING. I have this Idril-and-Tuor-never-sailed AU littering my hard drive which devolved into a sympathetic portrayal of Elwing’s actions at Sirion through Idril’s eyes and ever since I have this massive soft spot for Idril basically viewing Elwing as her daughter and the two of them being really close. That would definitely have a tearful reunion at some point, but probably in the very far future because I don’t think that Idril sails until the end of the Third Age (I have this vague idea of her talking to Arwen about how it’s possible to love a mortal without giving everything up for them…)

Yeah. I mean, if you’re going to write it, fine, but please at least acknowledge how they ended up in that situation. (I was never particularly interested in them to begin with but I’ve stopped reading them altogether now.)

Was it this fic? I read it ages ago and it’s still one of my favourites, simply because it actually deals with their meeting. (I have to say that I think there would have been a lot more rebirths by the time Celebrian sails than it portrays though.)

Huh, I hadn’t thought of the Quenya issue. I’m not sure that she’d need it that much though? (Earendil or Idril teaching her it would make an interesting fic.) She definitely learns Telerin. Because fandom is only interested in Feanorians? Being more generous, maybe because of the issue of Dior’s fate? Elwing+Thingol is an amazing thought! I’ve only seen Elwing+Melian sadly. (Clearly this is what I should be attempting to write instead of trying to figure out how to make PE phonology become Persian phonology. Gah.)

Seagull friend totally inspired by Greystripe. XD I don’t know her name yet but she’s very chatty (Elwing is very glad that most of the time, she’s the only one who can understand her) and bossy.

Ah really? I have a Nimloth survives and sails with Idril+Tuor AU. I’ve been thinking about Idril and and Sirion lately. I have a feeling that she wonders if her staying would have changed anything. Idril viewing Elwing as her daughter! I love this so much. (Idril+Arwen! I never knew how much I wanted this until now.)